Meet the Team

Welcome to Universal English College

Universal Education Centre was established in 1988 and students from around the globe have been achieving their English, study, and career dreams at Universal English College ever since.

At Universal English College (UEC), we are passionate about the quality of our students’ experiences and outcomes! This is why UEC has been so widely acknowledged as one of the highest quality English colleges in Australia for the last 30 years.

Every year, students from more than 50 countries choose to study at UEC. They choose UEC because of the exceptional courses, the amazing opportunities they open up, and the college’s community. They also choose UEC because they get direct entry to more than 50 Australian universities and colleges and because of the quality of English and academic skills of UEC graduates achieve.

UEC students also tell us they love UEC because it’s a community. A community of learners striving to achieve their goals. A community of teachers and staff striving to help them get there. We all love what we do and we have fun doing it!

So, if you’re serious about developing your English for university, college, or career, come join us – we’d love to help you get where you want to go!

Ian Aird
Managing Director

At UEC our friendly, helpful and professional team of teachers and administration staff is dedicated to ensuring that your experience at our school in Sydney is an enjoyable and memorable one!

Our Teachers

Our teachers are enthusiastic, friendly and supportive. They create a professional yet fun learning environment. Above all, they are committed to helping you reach your personal study goals.

All our teachers are fully qualified with degrees and appropriate TESOL qualifications. We use their expertise to make accurate assessments for our students and improvements and refinements to our curriculum.

You can be sure you are learning from the best. Our professional development program for teachers ensures that their teaching standards are very high and constantly being refreshed.

Richard Pincus
Academic Director


The Student Services and Administration Team

Outside of the classroom, our dedicated and energetic student advisors, registration and marketing teams are available to provide you with any assistance and support that you may need during your study with us.

Ana Mateo
Student Services and Administration Manager