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How to Apply

We are so happy that you’re thinking about applying to study at UEC!

Below you will find lots of information to help you be sure you are making the best choice for you and to help you with the application and enrolment process.

There is a lot of information! You will need to make choices about your course, arrange your travel and accommodation and organise a visa. If you find it too difficult, please get in touch with us or with one of our partner agents who can help you with everything.

Book a level test

You can enrol in General English at any level. To enrol in IELTS Preparation, Cambridge Exam Preparation, or the Academic English Program you must have the minimum level to start the course. To make sure we put you into the right course and the right class for you, please complete the UEC online placement test. Here are the rules for the test:

  • you will need a computer with a webcam, headphones, microphone, and an internet connection
  • do NOT use a mobile phone or tablet
  • you will need approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete the test
  • you can only attempt the test once (unless there is a serious technical problem)
  • use Google Chrome or Firefox
  • you must close other tabs during the test
  • you must take the test alone
  • you must NOT get help from books, computers or any other person during the test.

Remember you can only take the test once so make sure you are ready before you start.

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Terms and conditions

Before you enrol in a course with UEC, you should take the time to read the policies and procedures section of the website. This section provides a lot of information about protections for international students and about rules for students at UEC.

A key part of this is the terms and conditions of enrolment which you need to sign when you enrol at UEC. You can review the current terms and conditions here.

We’ve tried hard to write the terms and conditions in a way that they can be easily understood, but we recognise that sometimes, it might be hard to understand some parts. If you ever want help understanding anything in this document, please come and see us at reception and we will help you.

Terms and conditions