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Student Activities

As well as the classes that make up your course at UEC, you can also enjoy so many other activities. Every week there are clubs you can join – Conversation Club, Job Club, and Coffee Club. There are also regular organized excursions to popular Sydney attractions and activities, like the Opera House, the Australian Museum, the art gallery, and more.

Conversation club

Conversation club gives you an opportunity to practice your speaking outside of class, and meet other students at the college. Teachers will host a relaxed and informal conversation practice through discussion activities and games that help break the ice.

Conversation club meets every week.

Job club

Many UEC students want to get a job to earn money to help pay for life in Sydney. Some want a job just for the practice opportunity it provides. Others want to prepare for jobs that need English back in their home country. Whatever, your situation, Job Club is a great way to get coaching on how to find, apply for, get, and keep a job in Sydney or anywhere!

You can get help with:

  • Finding and understanding job advertisements
  • Picking jobs that you might be able to get
  • Getting information and contact details for legal support
  • Understanding typical expectations in workplaces in Australia
  • Understanding your work rights in Australia and who you can speak to if you have concerns
  • Knowing what to say in a range of work situations
  • Preparing and improving your CV – also called your resume
  • Preparing for formal and informal job interviews
  • Learning how to apply for jobs
  • And much more!

Coffee club

Coffee Club is similar to Conversation Club, but with coffee.

In case you don’t know, coffee is a very important part of life in Sydney! We take our coffee very seriously here! And the names of the different kinds of coffee drink are different in Sydney to other parts of the world too – sure everyone knows ‘cappuccino’, but what about a ‘flat white’ or a ‘long back’ or a ‘piccolo’ or a ‘double mocha latte’?

Coffee Club can be a great activity for newer students too, because it’s very relaxed, outside of class, and you’ll learn how to order coffee (or tea!) in a Sydney café.


There are two kinds of excursions you can enjoy at UEC. The most common is the do-it-yourself excursion. Almost every week students will organize to go to do a great activity after class or on the weekend – there are literally hundreds of things to do in Sydney!

The other kind of excursion is class excursions where a teacher organises an activity for the whole class or together with other classes. These excursions happen after class and are optional.

Travel and adventures

At UEC we have a travel desk once a week where our fantastic partners at Colourful Trips come in and help students book activities and travel. You can book everything from a trip to Taronga Zoo to a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb to a trip up the east coast of Australia or even to Uluru!

Come check out the travel desk and the Colourful Trips guide can help you book an afternoon of fun or a lifechanging travel adventure to suit you and your budget.