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Your First Day at UEC

Your first day at UEC is so important – to you and to us! We love meeting new students on campus and it’s very important that we meet you on your first day. As soon as you have enrolled in a course at UEC, you’ll receive an email giving you some important information to start your orientation.

One week before your course starts, you’ll receive another email with information about your first day and your Orientation.

New student guide

To help you prepare for your first day, please go through the list below.

  • Submit your Contact Details in Australia at our registration form
  • Complete the English level test. This is how we know which class you will start in on your first day. Do the test online before your first day so you can go straight to class after orientation.
  • Attend Orientation (online or on campus) on your first day.
    • Morning students – 9.15am (Sydney time)
    • Evening students – 3.30pm (Sydney time)
  • If you are enrolled into the Academic English Preparation course (AEP), please bring your laptop or tablet.
Registration FormPre-Arrival Guide


Orientation is really important – this is where you will get a lot of information about your course, the college, the campus, and your time in Australia. You’ll get important information about visa rules, like attendance, and safety, like emergency evacuations of the campus and personal safety in Sydney. UEC is required by Australian international education regulations to make sure all new student visa holding students attend an Orientation.

In your Orientation you will learn all about the college, your course, be reminded about the rules of your enrolment and visa, have a tour of the campus and much more!

Here is a link that will let you look through the presentation slides, or use this QR code to find the slides.

Students who have to join Orientation online, please go to this link for video instructions or use this QR code: