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Your First Lesson

After your Orientation and after your English test – if you didn’t do it before your first day – you will be given your course book and taken to class. That’s right – you will start lessons on the day you arrive!

Please remember, it might take a few days before you get used to your lessons. The first day might seem too hard or too easy. Please be patient – we work hard to make sure we judge your level well and put you in the right class for you. Talk to your teacher if you still feel the level is not right for you after a day or two though – they are the best person to help you and the fastest way to get help.

Also remember, this is probably your first English lesson since school and your first lesson in Australia with students from all over the world. It will probably be quite different to lessons you’ve had before.


All teachers at Universal English College are enthusiastic, friendly and supportive and committed to helping you reach your personal study goals. We only choose teachers who share our level of care, friendliness and professionalism. All UEC teachers are fully qualified with degrees and English teaching qualifications. They all participate in regular professional development sessions and training every year. Unlike most people’s high school experience though, you will change teachers a number of times in your course as you change levels and classes and we move teachers around to match the needs of our students and to make sure you get a variety of learning experiences.

Your classmates

One of the most important things about your study experience at UEC will be your classmates and the other students in the college. Some of them will be people you study with for a few weeks, others you might study with for years! Some will become lifelong friends! Here are some things to remember:

  • Students at UEC come from all over the world – people from more than 50 countries will be in the school at any one time. That means lots of different cultures and different ways of doing things. Stay open and curious to the differences – it’s a huge part of your global adventure!
  • You might notice that your classmates make mistakes more than you with grammar or that they aren’t as fluent. Or you might notice that they seem better than you. Relax and focus on your learning. Speak to your teacher about your level if you are concerned. Remember that we pace you in your class because of a broad range of things – your grammar, your vocabulary, your speaking, your listening and reading, how fluent you are and how accurate you are. Remember as well that these things will change from day to today and week to week.
  • Your classmates and other students in the school are your number one opportunity for practicing your English. Use it! Make mistakes and have a laugh. Support one another. Be friendly, kind and patient with yourself and with each other.
  • Students come to UEC for many different reasons. Some are on a pathway to a degree at university, others are here to develop their professional career, others are here for a fun, life-changing experience. Some students come without clear goals – they are working it all out as they go.
  • You won’t get on with everyone – that’s life. Find people you are comfortable with and who accept you for who you are, just like you would in your home town.
  • We know it’s often challenging and can be uncomfortable. Everyone is experiencing a range of feelings that change from one day to the next. Again, be friendly, kind and patient with yourself and with each other.
  • Finally, if you have a question or a concern, talk to your classmates – they have probably had the same question or concern at some point. And talk to your teacher – that’s a big part of why they are with you.