Finding a job while you study

Having a part-time job while you study is also a great way to meet new people and to integrate into the Australian culture. It is also a good way to help with the costs of living away from home. 

Are students in Australia allowed to work while they study?

Not all students are allowed to work while they are in Australia.  It is very important to make sure you have the right visa. 

  • If you are here on a Student visa you are allowed to work for 40 hours per fortnight. 
  • If you are on a Working Holiday visa there is no limit to how many hours you work 
  • If you are on a Visitor visa you are not allowed to work at all while you are in the country. 

Is it easy for students to find a job in Sydney?

Most students find work in service, cleaning or labouring positions. It depends on your skills, your English level and the time of year, for example, it is easier to find hospitality jobs in the spring and summer. We offer job club sessions every fortnight to help you have the very best chance to find a suitable position.

What is the ELS Sydney Job Club?

Job Club is a series of workshops we run to help make the job hunt less difficult by providing our students with some useful tools and tips.

The Job Club is separated into 3 main parts.

Understand the vocabulary – We first go through a list of words and acronyms you need to know in order to understand the Australian workforce.

Understanding the system – We discuss the paperwork you need to have organised to be ready to start a job. Things like tax file numbers, licences etc. 

Writing your resume – We work through all the things you need to include in your resume or CV and also give you some templates and examples that they can use as well as a list of adjectives and verbs to make your experience shine.

Role play and question time – We always end up with a session of questions/answers. In this session, you can really pick up some tips to increase your chances to score an interview and hopefully a job.

Resume feedback and roleplay – At the end of the Job Club, you are encouraged to email your resume for feedback.  You will also get to train on how to introduce yourself and the SSA will conduct a mini interview to make sure they are ready to go!