How to deal with being homesick

Hey Everyone,

My name is Koa and I’m one of the friendly helpful student services assistants here at ELS Sydney. Like you I am not a local to Sydney.  I have only been living here for two years so today I wanted to share some tips I have used to deal with moving to a new city all alone!

Studying abroad is exciting, it’s a time to meet new people, learn new skills, and explore what Australia has to offer.

But some of the time many of us can feel homesick; it is a very normal feeling. I may not have moved countries but I moved to Sydney on my own from the Gold Coast at 17 years of age to study at University. I have now lived in Sydney for over two years and I would be lying if I told you I never once got homesick.

Homesickness is a completely normal thing and there is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Some people get very homesick, some people don’t get homesick at all, but I’m here to give you some helpful tips on overcoming it so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Usually, people get homesick either as soon as they leave their home or else after several months when they have been away from home for a long time and the excitement of being in a new place is wearing off. My number one tip is to try not to spend too much time alone. Coming to a country alone forces you to meet new people, so make an effort to make new friends. Join after-school activities, talk to your teacher; enjoy your time if you’re staying with a host family if you have a job communicate with your colleagues. Having a good support system and a reason for coming in the first place will already boost your confidence and improve the quality of your stay here.

My other important tip is to simply go through and know that it does get better. Maybe this is the first time you’ve lived away from home and it’s not easy having to do everything for yourself. But look at the bright side; you’re in a whole different country, a beautiful city, with an opportunity to not only improve your English but to meet friends (that may become friends for life), explore what this area has to offer and immerse yourself in a whole new culture. It can be a little difficult at times but just know that it will come to pass and it is only temporary.

I hope you have a wonderful time studying here at ELS and staying in Sydney. Enjoy your trip and I hope to see you around. If you feel like a chat just come up to the desk and say Hi!