Student Testimonial

No words can describe my incredible journey at Universal English College

Attending Universal English College didn’t only help me to improve my English skills, but also has given me a new family in a completely new world.

Studying wasn’t something I enjoyed doing, but this place managed to change that on me and all my classmates and every minute at this college has been highly helpful for my English skills development.

First, working with controversial topics while doing listening-reading practice made learning much more entertaining. Secondly, respecting the word limits in writing tasks was so difficult with so many interesting tasks. Last but not least, giving presentations was the definetely the funniest and most entertaining activity. Learning while doing research and listening to other’s opinions always led to discussions where one learnt how to be a listener and respect other’s points of view.

However, what made this a unique adventure were the members at this college. From the marketing staff to the worker in charge of refilling the vending machine were easygoing and helpful whenever help was needed. Teachers were like parents, always trying to teach their students what’s best for their future, giving advices to always do better and looking forward to help you in hard situations. Also, having classmates from all over the world was incredible. As a foreign student, my first days in Sydney were tough as I felt lonely and everything was so new and difficult that I wanted to go back to my country. But things changed when I met my international classmates. Each student had its own culture, first language, religion and features. But being able to speak English helped us to overcome these barriers and now I feel grateful for having siblings from countries like Italy, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, India and Colombia who make this experiece in Australia less lonely.

Unfortunately, it’s my time to say goodbye to this unforgetable journey, full of emotions and incredible moments. I wish everyone had the chance to experience this adventure at UEC. But now, it’s my time to move on and work harder to achieve my goals in Australia.

Kevin Nicolas Jung – July 2019